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 is a American video game developer and publisher founded in 1981 by Michael Wildshill, known as the Balls series. The company was acquired by Fox Interactive (now Fox Digital Entertainment), BluthArts (Founded by Mike Bluth) and Universal Interactive Studios in August 1994 and located in Culver City, California.

On August 15, 2000, "Balls" ended its subsidiary for Universal Interactive Studios. The Geo Adventure series was made using the GeoBob Engine. Over the years, "Balls" has made deals to develop games with various small companies, such as Silk Games, "Balls" had its divisions such as, "Balls" of Japan, "Balls" of Europe, SIZ, K-3 Productions, LO Studios, LLC etc.

Critical ReceptionEdit

Nintendo Power

What an amazing game it's cool when video games, anime, comics, and TV shows combine into one.


Balls, more like, BALLS!

Irate Gamer

Ballz, more like, BALLZ!


It's cool. 10/10


How Cis Privilege Is Affecting Gamers Today

Anita Sarkeesian

This company is sexist.

Crystal Stainton

Who named their company Balls?