(Fades To Walmart) Edit

Geo Guy: I've Never Talked To Gabriel About His Gabriel Garcia [MYCUN] Studios Stuff, So I Gotta Go To Walmart To Buy Something. Edit

(Geo Guy Walks Inside The Store) Edit

Geo Guy: And Yes, I Like It Better Than The Salvation Army Store. I Can't Wait To Buy Stuff From It. Edit

(Cuts To Violet Baudelaire (From Lemony Snicket's A Series Of Unfortunate Events) And Aisling (From The Secret Of Kells) Walking To Walmart) Edit

Aisling: Where Does Geo Guy Off To, Violet? Edit

Violet: He Went To Walmart To Buy Some Stuff, And He's Thirteen Years Old. I'm In A Bad Mood Because He Told Me Not To Watch Gabriel Garcia [MYCUN] Studios Logo On The Internet Every Day, Every Minute, Every Second. Edit

Aisling: Oh Boy, That Thirteen-Year-Old Sneak Won't Stop Buying Anything At The Baby Isle. It's For Babies. Edit

(Violet And Aisling Are Inside Walmart) Edit

Violet: I Wonder If This Store Has Gabriel Garcia [MYCUN] Studios Stuff All Over It. Edit

(Geo Guy Looks At The Toy) Edit

Geo Guy: Oh Boy, I Can't Wait To Buy The Toy. Edit

(Geo Guy Walks Off With The Toy) Edit

(Violet Is Talking To The Manager) Edit

Violet: Which Way Did He Go? Edit

Manager: He Went That Way. Edit

(The Screen Turns Red And The Camera Zooms Towards Violet's Face When She Gets Angry) Edit


(Outside Walmart, Geo Guy Exits With The Toy In His Hand) Edit

Geo Guy: Ha Ha! I Bought The Toy. (He Stops) I Am Going To Play It By My Own. Only One By One. (Closeup Of Geo Guy, Who Is Scheming) I Will Never Give It Back To You, And I Never Will! Edit

(Back Inside Walmart, Violet Is Angry) Edit

Violet: Let's Go Get Him, Aisling! Edit

(Back Outside Walmart, Violet And Aisling Get Angry And Run Towards Geo Guy, Who Is Shocked) Edit

Geo Guy: Oh No! Here Comes Violet And Aisling! Edit

(Geo Guy Runs Off And Violet And Aisling Chase Him) Edit

Violet: (Angry) Come Back Here With That Toy, Geo Guy! Edit

(They Run Through A Neighborhood, A Backyard And A Schoolyard. Closeup Of Geo Guy Who Still Has The Toy And Is Behind The Front Door) Edit

Geo Guy: Well Girls, I Can Play It What I Want. You Can't Catch Me! Edit

(The Manager From Walmart Appears Out Of Nowhere) Edit

Manager: Hey! What Did I Tell You About Shoplifting? Edit

(Geo Guy Has The Toy Behind His Back) Edit

Geo Guy: I... Don't Know. Edit

Manager: And What Is That In Your Hand? (He Points To The Toy. Geo Guy Is Thinking) Edit

Geo Guy: Uh... Nothing. Edit

Manager: From That Moment Of This, Geo Guy. Edit

(He Takes The Toy From Geo Guy, Who Is Now Sad) Edit

Manager: I'll Take This Toy And Give It Back To Violet. Edit

(Violet Has The Toy Now And Is Happy) Edit

Violet: Wow! I Finally Got The Best Toy Ever! My Sister Sunny Is Wanting To Play With It. (She Looks At Geo Guy) So Long, Geo Guy. Edit

(Violet Leaves A Kneeing Geo Guy Alone) Edit

Geo Guy: (Sad) It's Just Another Measly Toy. The Manager From Walmart Took It Away From Me And I Never Had One. Sigh. Edit

(Fades To Gabriel Garcia's House, We See Gabriel Working At His Office Until He Looks Back At Geo Guy Knocking On The Door) Edit

Gabriel: (Gets Up In His Chair) I'll Get It. Edit

(Gabriel Walks To The Door And Opens It Until Geo Guy Looks At Him In The Glasses) Edit

Geo Guy: Hey, Gabriel. Edit

Gabriel: Is There Something I'd Like To Help You? Edit

Geo Guy: This Toy Is Very Nice Than The Tribe Of Noise Music So Familiar And The Sounds Are From Rude Goldberg. Can I Have It Back? Edit

(A Police Officer Appears And Geo Guy Is Shocked) Edit

Police Officer: (Angry) No You Can't! You Stole The Toy From Violet, And That Means You Can Not Have It Back. You're Going To Jail! Edit

(In A Jail Cell, Geo Guy Is Locked Up And Sad) Edit

Geo Guy: Sigh. What Have I Done? Why Did He Shroll Me At Last Time? Oh Well. I'm Going To Sleep For The Rest Of 5 Days. Edit

(Geo Guy Goes To Sleep) Edit

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