Text: 5 Days Later... Edit

(Fades To The Outside Of 123 Geoville United City Jail. Inside, Geo Guy Wakes Up From His Sleep, Yawns And Thinks, Then Looks Happy) Edit

Geo Guy: Oh Yes, I Was Correct. Now I Can Get Out Of Jail Free. Today Is March 16th, 2001. Edit

(The Jail Cell Opens Itself And Geo Guy Walks Out Through It. Meanwhile, Outside, Violet Baudelaire (From Lemony Snicket's A Series Of Unfortunate Events) And Her Boyfriend Edward Cullen (From Twilight) Are Talking) Edit

Edward: Did You Hear That, Violet? Geo Guy Has Slept For 5 Days. Edit

Violet: What Was That, Edward? Edit

(Edward Speaks Close To Violet's Ear) Edit

Edward: 5 Days. (Echo) Edit

(The Screen Is Red And Violet Gets Mad) Edit


(Back At Walmart, Geo Guy Is Talking To Gabriel Garcia, The 2nd Time) Edit

Geo Guy: Hello. I'm Geo Guy, The World's Greatest Hero In Animation History That Brings You This Message. Is It A Beautiful Day? Edit

Gabriel: It's Not When You See It Comin'. Edit

Geo Guy: And Yes, The Sun Is Shining Outside, The Birds Are Singing, And The Grasses Are Green. This Means I Can Have That Toy Back. Edit

(Cuts To Violet And Edward Inside Walmart. Violet Is Mad) Edit

Violet: Oh My God! This Is Totally Making Me Angry. Somebody Do Something About This Man! Edit

(Sid The Sloth Appears Out Of Nowhere With The Soundtrack Blues Playing In The Background. Violet Is Shocked) Edit

Sid: Hello Everybody, Sid The Sloth Here. I Like To Live With My Girlfriend Rose. Edit

(The Music Stops And Violet Returns To Her Neutral Action) Edit

Violet: That's Cool. The Music Sounds Nice, His Voice Sounds Nice, And Which Person Does He Talk To? Edit

(The Blues Soundtrack Music Starts Playing The 2nd Time) Edit

Sid: Guess What, Chicken Butt? Your Voice Sounds Like Tubby The Tuba From The Same Name And Jenny XJ9 (From My Life As A Teenage Robot On Nickelodeon). Tee Hee Hee! Edit

(The Blues Soundtrack Music Stops And Violet Turns Angry) Edit

Violet: (In Thoughts) Oh I Get It! His Voice Is So Annoying As Weegee? (Gets Mad At Sid The Sloth) What? Chicken Butt? Say That To My Face, You Limp Noodle! Your Voice Is So Annoying As Weegee. I Change My Catchphrase To Saying We Agree, Better Than Weegee! I'm Out Of Here. Edit

(Outside Of Walmart, Geo Guy Has The Toy Again) Edit

Geo Guy: Well Orphans, This Is My Toy. You Can't Have It Back! (5x) Edit

(A Police Officer Appears Out Of Nowhere Yet Again) Edit

Police Officer: (Angry) Hey, You! Edit

Geo Guy: (Shocked) What Do You Want, Police Officer? And Why Are You Shrolling Me? Edit

Police Officer: (Angry) Because I Don't Want You To Steal This Toy. Edit

Geo Guy: (Shocked Again) WHAT?!!! Edit

Police Officer: (Turns To Violet And Edward) Geo Guy Is Being A Stinkerputt, Isn't He? Edit

Violet: I Guess I Can Have My Toy Back (Which Either Isn't His). Edit

Edward: Me Too, Violet. Edit

(Back In A Jail Cell, Geo Guy Is Locked Up Again) Edit

Geo Guy: (Sad) Sigh. I Hate Shrollers That Have Tried To Have That Toy Back, Except Me. What Am I Going To Do? Edit

(Back At Home, Violet And Edward Happily Have The Toy. Back At The Jail Cell, Geo Guy Suddenly Smiles) Edit

Geo Guy: I Know! I Just Have Another Idea! Edit

(The Jail Cell Opens Itself The 2nd Time And Geo Guy Walks Out Through It Again. The Jail Cell Closes Itself And We Fade To Violet Baudelaire's House. Inside, Violet And Her Brother Klaus Watch Her Sister Sunny Play With The Toy. Sid The Sloth Appears Out Of Nowhere Yet Again With The Blues Soundtrack Music Playing The 3rd Time) Edit

Sid: Hey, Violet. Edit

(Violet Turns Mad) Edit

Violet: What? (6x) What Is It Now? Edit

Sid: Don't Get Mad, I'm So Glad That I Will Cheer You Up. Tee Hee Hee! Get It? Cheer You Up? Tee Hee Hee! Edit

Violet: (Shouting) WILL YOU SHUT UP AND GO AWAY?!!! Edit

Sid: Well Then. (Sid Sings As He Walks Away) Edit

Violet: It's Pretty Quiet In Here, Edward. Maybe We Can Listen To It. Edit

Edward: We Sure Can, Violet. (He Suddenly Thinks) And Wait, Where's Our Toy? Edit

(The Toy Is Gone, And Violet And Edward Are Shocked) Edit

Violet: What The Heck? Edit

Edward: It's Gone. Edit

(Violet Is Mad And Edward Had A Disgusted Face) Edit

Violet: Stupid Geo Guy Just Took It Again. Let's Find Him! Edit

(Cuts To Geo Guy Who Is Happily Walking On The Sidewalk With The Toy) Edit

Geo Guy: Yay, I Got The Toy Back! The Police Officer Will Never Shroll Me Again! Now, I'm The World's Greatest Hero In Animation History That Brings Toys At Walmart This Message. Edit

(Back At The House, Violet Looks At The TV) Edit

Violet: Wait A Minute! Something Is On The News. Edit

(A News Reporter Stands In Front Of A Black Screen With A Picture Of Geo Guy On The Top Left Corner) Edit

News Reporter: This Just In. We Report That A Character (From The Geo Team TV Series) Named Geo Guy (Who Either Is A Sneakiest Shoplifter In Walmart) Has Stole The Toy (Which Either Is Missing). That's All Till Next Report. Edit

(Violet And Edward Are Mad At Each Other) Edit

Violet: Stupid Geo Guy! He Stole Our Toy From Walmart! Let's Chase Him! Edit

(Cuts To Geo Guy Who Is Now Sad And Walking With The Toy) Edit

Geo Guy: Ouch! My Feet Hurts From Walking. I Need To Have A Rest. Edit

(Geo Guy Sits On A Bench And Thinks. Suddenly, Violet And Edward Appear And Get Mad At Geo Guy, Who Is Completely Shocked) Edit

Violet: I'll Teach You To Have That Toy Back! Edit

(Geo Guy Shockingly Runs Away From The Bench While Violet And Edward Are Toy Chasing Him, Transition To A Snowy Background Where Violet And Edward Are Still Chasing After Geo Guy To Get The Toy. While Running Into The Snow, Suddenly, Geo Guy, Violet And Edward Shockingly Bump Into A Snowman Before It Explodes Itself To Death. All Of Them Are Covered In Snow, Except Geo Guy) Edit

Geo Guy: All Right, Who Calls Yourself A Mountie? It Was You, You Thieving Orphans! You Can't Have It Back! Edit

(Violet And Edward Wipe Off The Snow On Their Bodies) Edit

Edward: (Disgusted) Jesus Krispies. I Have Been Covered In Snow, Violet. Edit

Violet: (Disgusted) Me Too, Edward. Let's Not Worry About The Snowstorm Anymore, It's Time For A Walk. Edit

(Violet And Edward Go For A Walk) Edit

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