(Cuts To Sid The Sloth With The Blues Soundtrack Music Playing The 4th Time) Edit

Sid: Thank Goodness They're Going For A Walk. Sigh. And I Might Not Have A Grumpy Feeling Just To Say That. Edit

(Rose The Sloth Appears) Edit

Rose: My Clone! You're Here! I've Been Looking All Over For You! Edit

Sid: Don't Talk To Me. Don't Talk To Me. (Sneezes) ACHOO! I Have A Cold. I Can't Stop Sneezing. Edit

(Cuts To Violet And Edward) Edit

Violet: My Calculations Of The Toy Is Just A Little Further. We're Almost There. Edward. Edit

Edward: Yes, Violet. Let's Keep Walking. Edit

(Violet And Edward Walk Until They Find The Toy Hiding In The Bush) Edit

Violet: (Got The Toy Out Of The Bush) Aha! I Got It! (Talks To Edward) We Found The Toy! Let's Keep It When We Get Home. Edit

Edward: Great Idea, Violet. Edit

(Violet And Edward Spend Time Watching 30 Second Bunnies On TV, When Geo Guy Comes To The Door And Opens It) Edit

Geo Guy: (Angry) Now What Is This? Watching 30 Second Bunnies On TV, And Making Slurping Noises, That Goes... (Makes Slurping Noises) What's Going On Here? Edit

Violet: What Do You Think You're Doing Here, Geo Guy. The Police Officer Told Me That You're A Stinkerputt. Edit

Geo Guy: (Angry) Yes! And He Shrolled Me For The Last Six Weeks. I'll Shroll You Next Time, If You Don't Give Me Back That Stupid Toy I Bought From Walmart Of Yours! Edit

(Violet And Edward Are Both Shocked, Then They Get Mad At Each Other) Edit

Edward: Are You Thinking What I'm Thinking, Violet? Edit

Violet: Yes, Edward. Edit

Violet And Edward: (Shouting) IT'S TRICK TIME!!! Edit

(Cuts To Outside Of Violet Baudelaire's House Where 2 Police Cars Appear Out Of Nowhere Driving Against It To Make The Police Officer And 2 Of His Clones Arrest Geo Guy From Shoplifting Walmart For 20 Seconds, Then To Geo Guy And The Police Officer) Edit

Police Officer: There's One Thing I Like To Tell You About Shoplifting. Edit

Geo Guy: (Sad) What Now, Police Officer? I Wasn't Stealing Anything. Edit

Police Officer: (Angry) Yes You Were, Shoplifting Is Unacceptable. You Lied! Edit

(Cuts To Police Officer #2 And Police Officer #3) Edit

Police Officer #2: (Angry) And You Stole Their Toy From Walmart! Edit

Police Officer #3: (Angry) I Agree With Police Officer #2. Anyways, You're Under Arrest For Shoplifting Walmart! You're Going Back To Jail For 7 Days! Edit

(Cuts To Geo Guy Getting Sent Back To Jail With Jail Bars Blocking Him) Edit

Geo Guy: (Shocked) Oh No! Police Officer Clones Are Shrolling Me! Help Me! (4x) NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Edit

(Fades To Black, Then To Geo Guy Waking Up From His Nightmare) Edit

Geo Guy: (Sad) Oh Dear! It Was Just A Nightmare! Edit

(Transition To Violet And Edward Outside With The Toy) Edit

Violet: Let's Bring It To Our House, Edward. Edit

Edward: Okay, Violet. Edit

(Violet And Edward Go For A Walk) Edit

(Cuts To Violet And Edward Dancing With The Toy Until Aisling Appears) Edit

Aisling: (Holds The Toy) It Will Be Enough, Orphans, And This Toy Is For Babies. I'll Put It In The Same Place Where You Think Of. Edit

Violet: (Mad) Aisling!?! Me And My Brother Klaus Are Always Watching My Sister Sunny Play With The Toy, And She Said She Was Going To. Now Shut Up And Bring Us Our Toy! Edit


Violet: (Scary Voice) MASSO THEFT!!! Edit

Aisling: By The Way, This Toy Belongs To Geo Guy, And I'll Give It Back To Him In No Time. Edit

(Aisling Went Outside Of Violet Baudelaire's House) Edit

Edward: (Sad) What Are We Going To Do, Violet? Edit

Violet: (Thinking) Hmmmmm. Edit

(A Light Bulb Popped On Top Of Violet's Head) Edit

Violet: I Know, Maybe We Can Buy Another Toy To Replace Our Old One. Edit

Edward: Great Idea, Violet. Edit

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