(Transition To Walmart At Nighttime) Edit

(Cuts To Violet And Edward Looking At The Toy) Edit

Edward: This Is So Cool! Edit

Violet: I Think It Is, Edward. Maybe We'll Buy It. Edit

(Violet And Edward Walk Off With The Toy. We Then See Them Inside Their House, Dancing To The Time Of Your Life By Randy Newman) Edit

(Shows Geo Guy's Arms Taking Away The Toy Once Again) Edit

(Cuts To Geo Guy Outside Walmart At Nighttime) Edit

Geo Guy: Violet, Edward, I Bought A New Toy To Replace My Old One (Which Either Isn't Yours). Come And Catch Me! Edit

(Shows Violet And Edward At The Lego Toy Isle) Edit

Violet: (Angry) All Right! Where Did That Annoying Shoplifter Go? Edit

Edward: I Think He Ran Off With That Toy. Edit

Violet: Really? Edit

Edward: Yep. Edit

Violet: (Disgusted) I Don't Get It. I Don't Know Why Geo Guy Had To Take Away That Toy From Us. (Looks Around The Toy Store Until She Saw A Sign) Hold Your Inventires, What Does That Sign Say? Edit

(Cuts To The Sign Where It Says At The Following: Edit

"sale Edit

Save $-10 Edit

Grand Walk-in Kitchen Edit

$259.99") Edit

Violet: (Off-Screen) Oh Yes, It's Right There. Let's Read! "Sale, save $-10, Grand Walk-in Kitchen, $259.99". Edit

Edward: (Off-Screen) Well, That's A Strange Sign. Edit

Geo Guy: (Standing While His Feet Hurts) That Was The Other Foot Cruncher. Ouch! Edit

(The Final Instrumental Seconds Of "The Time Of Your Life" Plays) Edit

(Shows Violet, Edward, And Aisling At The Cashier) Edit

Violet: So, Aisling, What Do You Think Of This Store? Edit

Aisling: I Think It's For Babies. Edit

Edward: Babies Don't Exist. But Violet's Sister Sunny Always Does. This Walmart Supermarket Store Has Lots Of Stuff, Since We Got Our Toys Back! Edit

Aisling: Well, I Didn't Know That! Thanks For Telling Me About It, Edward. Edit

Edward: No Problem! Edit

Aisling: Oh, One More Thing, Have You Guys Ever Heard About A Mean Man Named Gree Guy? Edit

Violet: Gree Guy? Who Is Gree Guy? Edit

Aisling: Well, Gree Guy Is The King Of 123 Gree City. He Is An Evil, Mean, Selfish, Greedy Man In The World, Who Came To The United States From Norway. Speaking of Which, Gree Guy Is A Norwegian Person That Could Speak 2 Languages: English And Norwegian. Edit

Violet: (Shocked) What!?! I Didn't Know Gree Guy Was Norwegian! Edit

Edward: I Didn't Know About That, Too. Edit

Aisling: Well, You've Gotta Be Careful And Watch Out For Gree Guy. He Might Touch You With His Slimey And Gooey Hands. Oh, And Also, Gree Guy Became Friends With Santed Sailor, And They Will Take Over 123 Geoville United, And The Rest Of The World. Edit

Violet: (Shocked) No Way! Edit

Aisling: Yes Way! He Also Has A Cartoon-Exterminating Machine Called The Dalek Septor 9000 That Could Destroy Cartoon Characters, Including Us, Forever! Edit

Violet: Really? Oh, So, Now I Understand Anything Of This. Thanks For Telling Me And Edward About This, Aisling. Edit

Aisling: You're Welcome, Violet. It's Time For You To Go Home Now. Edit

Violet: Okay Then, Let's Go. Edit

(Violet, Edward, And Aisling Went Outside Of Walmart At Nighttime) Edit

(Cuts To Geo Guy Outside Of Walmart At Nighttime) Edit

Geo Guy: (Yawning) Time To Go To Bed. Edit

(Geo Guy Walks All The Way Back To His House, And Went Fast Asleep In His Bed During SpongeBob Production Music) Edit

(Shows Violet And Edward Outside Of Walmart At Nighttime) Edit

Violet: It's Still Quiet Out Here. Geo Guy Has Been Falling Fast Asleep. Edit

Edward: Yes He Is, Violet. Let's Listen To Some Music On The Radio When We Get Home. Edit

Violet: Great Idea, Edward. Edit

(We Saw Violet And Edward Inside The House, Dancing To The Time Of Your Life By Randy Newman) Edit

(Cuts To Sid And Rose Outside) Edit

Sid: What's With All Of This Racket About? Edit

Rose: I Don't Know. Maybe The Music Is Coming From Violet Baudelaire's House. Edit

Sid: Well, The Radio Is Turned On. And Violet And Edward Are Listening And Dancing To "The Time Of Your Life" By Randy Newman. Uh Oh! It's Too Far From The Noise. Let's Check And See If This House Had Some Music Inside Of It. Edit

(Shows Violet's House Vibrating With The Music; The Weather Became Snowy) Edit

Sid: I Wish I Had To Give Her A Long Blue Jacket For Manny The Mammoth, Diego The Strongest Tiger, Green Bob And His Clone, And Other People Who Contacted Their Rule. (Praying) I Wish Green Bob Had To Take Me And Rose To Big Weld Super Village, And Do Something Fun. Please Keep Us Safe From Evil And Stupid People For They Don't Know What To Do. In The Name Of Jesus, We Ask You To Take Us Home Safely. In The Name Of Jesus, We Pray For You. Amen. Edit

Rose: Amen. Edit

(Suddenly, Green Bob Came Out Of Nowhere) Edit

Green Bob: Hey, Sid And Rose The Sloths. I Think You Can Understand What That Song Is. Can I Help You Wear A Jacket? Edit

Sid: Ahem, Green Bob. Please Give Us Jackets To Bring Thanks In 123 Geoville United, And Be With You, By The Way, Are You A Christian? Edit

Green Bob: I Sure Am, Sid. Edit

Sid: Gosh, We Must Have Been Taken To Big Weld Super Village, 1998. So We Can Stay In There With You, Amen. Edit

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