(Cuts To Geo Guy Sleeping On His Bed During Muffled Super Smash Bros. Brawl Temple Music In G-Major) Edit

(Fades From Nighttime To Morning) Edit

Geo Guy: (Yawning) It's Morning Already? I Think It Is After Sunrise. So, What Should I Do? Edit

(Geo Guy Goes To The Thinking Corner And Thinks Of Something Geo Guy Can Do) Edit

Geo Guy: (To Himself; Thinking) Think, Geo Guy! Think! This Must Be A Short Time To Hurry. I Need To Have Those Toys Back, But If I Lose Them, The Police Officer And His Clones Will Shroll Me For The Seventh Week. Edit

(A Light Bulb Popped Out Of Geo Guy's Head When He Got An Idea) Edit

Geo Guy: Oh Yes! I Just Have Another Idea! Edit

(Fades To Black, Then To Violet Making A Special Recipe) Edit

Edward: (Walks Up To Violet) What's Cooking, Violet? Edit

Violet: I'm Making A Special Recipe For Your Girlfriend Bella. Edit

Edward: What Kind Of Recipe, Violet? Edit

Violet: Well, You Might Wanna Know What This Is. It's Called... Pasta Puttanesca! Edit

Edward: Pasta Puttanesca? Well, Good Luck For That Special Recipe You Made, Violet. Edit

Violet: Yeah, Thanks. Edit

(Cuts To Geo Guy In The Front Yard Of Violet Baudelaire's House) Edit

Geo Guy: (Mad At The Camera) I'm Not Gonna See Those Thieving Orphans Making A Special Recipe For Bella Swan. Those Thieving Clones And The Police Officer Had Already Shrolled Me For Seven Weeks As Possible! I'm Gonna Shroll Them! Edit

(Scene Transition To Bella Swan In Her Bedroom: Clockwise Wipe) Edit

Bella: What's All That Special About, Making A Special Recipe For Me When You Came Into My Bedroom? Edit

(Violet And Edward Came Into Bella's Room With A Bowl Of Pasta Puttanesca) Edit

Violet: Yep, Me And Edward Just Came Into Your Bedroom, And I Made You A Special Recipe That You Liked. It's Called... Pasta Puttanesca! Edit

Bella: Pasta Puttanesca? (Happy) Well, Thank You So Much For Making That Recipe That I Liked. It's Just I Wanted! Edit

Violet: You're Welcome, Bella. Edit

(Geo Guy, Wearing A Disguise, Is Knocking On Violet's Door) Edit

Bella: Uh... Violet? Someone Is Knocking On Your Door. (Gets Up) I Wonder Who It Is. (Walks To The Door) I'll Go Get It. Edit

Edward: It's Not When He's Especially Mattered, Violet. Edit

Violet: Certainly Not, Edward. Geo Guy Thinks He's Being A Master Of Disguise. Edit

(Bella Swan Opens The Door And Saw Geo Guy, Who Is Disguised As Dr. Geo Guy) Edit

Dr. Geo Guy (Who Is Actually Geo Guy, But In A Deep Voice): Hello, I'm Dr. Geo Guy, The World's Greatest Cousin Of Geo Guy In Animation History That Brings You This Message. Sorry, But I'm His Imaginary Cousin. Those Thieving Clones And The Police Officer Would Have Shrolled Me For Seven Weeks, As So Much As Many Times. Edit

Bella: (Disgusted) Really? Edit

Dr. Geo Guy (In A Deeper Voice): Yes, But Do I Have To Say We're Stealing Toys? I Don't Think So. Out You Go, Bella! Edit

(Green Bob Appeared Yet Again Out Of Nowhere) Edit

Green Bob: Gee Golly! My World's Greatest Hero Named Geo Guy Is Shrolling Bella Swan Today! (Shocked) Uh Oh! I Gotta Tell Sid And Rose The Sloths About This, When I Get Back To Big Weld Super Village, But Not Really. Edit

(Cuts To Violet And Edward In The Front Yard Of The House; Violet Is Holding A Camera) Edit

Violet: I've Got The Camera, Edward. Edit

Edward: Great Thinking, Violet. Do You Know How Many Pictures We Have In A Movie? Edit

Violet: Yeah. Sixteen, Of Course. Edit

(Shows Dr. Geo Guy Trying To Send Bella Swan To 123 Geoville United City Jail) Edit

Bella: (Gets Angry) What The Heck Are You Taking Me!?! HEY! LET ME GO! NO! Edit

(Violet Took A Picture Of Dr. Geo Guy, Which Caused The Disguise To Fall Out To Reveal Geo Guy, Who Is Shocked) Edit

(Cuts To Bella, Violet And Edward) Edit

Bella: (Angry) It Was A Disguise? Edit

Violet: Yes, Well, Sorta. Edit

Bella: (Angry) A Disguise That Geo Guy Wears The Whole Time!?! Edit

Violet: Of Course, It Is! Edit

Bella: (Angry) Well, Let Me Get This Straight. Geo Guy Is A Real Stinkerputt! Edit

Violet: Oh Really? Edit

Bella: (Angry) Yes, Yes He Is. I'll Teach Him A Lesson Or Two. Edit

(Scene Transition To Geo Guy In His Bedroom: Clockwise Wipe) Edit

Geo Guy: (Sad) Sigh. I Would Never Wear That Pesky Mask Again. I Will Put It Back In My Closet So I Can Wear Some New Ones. Edit

(Fades To Black, Then To The Sing-Along Songs With Keegan Title Card) Edit

Announcer: And Now, It's Time For Sing-Along Songs With Keegan, The Part Of The Movie Where Keegan Salisbury Comes Out And Sings A Sing-Along Song! Edit

(Fades To Black) Edit

(Sounds Of Chewing Gum Is Heard) Edit

(Fades Into A Rock Stage In Which Keegan, The One Who Is Chewing The Gum And Wearing A Black Leather Jacket Comes Out To Center Stage) Edit

(Bass And Guitar Starts Up, Followed By Drums) Edit

Keegan: (Takes Off His Jacket And Throws It To The Drummer, Who Throws It To The Audience) (Starts Singing) Take A Pack, And Take Out One Piece And Put It iiiiiiin Your Mouth. Raspberry, Green Apple, Blueberry And Other Whiiiiiich Aren't Out. Everybody Loves This Little Candy Like A Tiiiiire! Edit


Chewy, Chewy Little Gum. So Chewy, Chewy Little Gum. Gum Is Also Good On The Tongue, The Tongue, The Tongue, THE TONGUE!!! Edit

(Keegan Starts Chewing Gum Again And A Guitar Solo Is Played) Edit

(Guitar And Drums Start Up Again) Edit

(A Woman In The Audience Throws Keegan's Jacket To The Drummer, Who Throws It Back To Him) Edit

Keegan (Singing): (Slides To The End Of The Stage As Sparks Fly Out Of Holes In The Stage) Take Your Share So You Can Cover That Hole In Your Teeeeeth, Yeah. Think The Chewing Rate Goes Up To Twenty-Eight And Nooooot A Pear! Everybody Loves This Little Candy Of A Tiiiiire! Edit

(Chorus) Edit

(Guitar Solo While Keegan Chews His Gum One Last Time Before Walking Off Of The Stage, Then The Music Ends) Edit

(Crowd Cheers And Then The Scene Fades To Black, Then To The SASWK Title Card Again) Edit

Announcer: This Has Been Sing-Along Songs With Keegan! Tune In Next Time For More Sing-Along Songs! And Don't Forget To Hear Keegan Say. Edit

Keegan: (Off-Screen) God Dogs! I've Put Too Much Chewing Gum All Over The Stage. Now I Have To Clean It Up! Edit

Announcer: Thanks For Watching This Segment! See You Next Time! Bye-Bye! Edit

(Fades To Black) Edit

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