Crystal Stainton (born September 8th, 1986) is a American voice actor and costumed character player from Utica, New York. She is the daughter of Robert Stainton.

She has voiced Little Guy 11 in female form on Greeny Phatom, Little Girl in Greeny Phatom Kart, and various female roles in Greenytoons.

She has played as a costume character as Helen Henny for various Chuck E. Cheese's footage that plays during the showtape playings and at her local Chuck E. Cheese's, among various other characters. Two other ones she has played is Chica in the live-action film based off of Five Nights at Freddy's IT'S ME and the Puppet in the 2014 sequel based off of Five Nights at Freddy's 2 IT'S ME AGAIN.

She has also played Crystal in momogowi's Eric Smith series and other videos with Crystal in them.
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Crystal was born in Utica to Robert Stainton and his then-girlfriend Christine Cavanaugh at St. Elizabeth Medical Center in 1986.

She became interested in the costume character industry in 1987 when Robert and Christine took her to the Union, NJ Pizza Time Theatre for her 2nd birthday. She recalls that she enjoyed the presence of "about, I think all 5 walkarounds. My memory is fuzzy so I sometimes think the Helen walkaround seen in the "Rhythm's Gonna Get Ya" part of the Dancin' showtape was there.".

Her first walkaround role was (surprisingly) Helen at the Union location "I think around '96 or '97" she recalls.

Her other first role was a appearance as Helen at a CEC banquet that was captured on tape.

She did her first voice acting role as Little Girl in the Greeny Phatom Kart game, and various female roles for her followed after.