Little Guy Unplugged is a Scatman John single, recorded at the Greenyworld Studios recording studio with the Greenyworld shows' musicians and released as a tie-in for the Greeny Phatom series in 1997. It was featured as a short on The Greeny Channel.

There was also a music video for this track. It begins with Scatman walking through the streets of 123 Greeny Phatom on green-screen, it goes on to show Scatman summoning the Greenytoons. Later shots show Scatman interacting with the Greenytoons.

It was the last work done by Jack Williams before his death later on in 1997.

Single track listingEdit

  1. "Little Guy Unplugged" [Radio Edit] (1:00)
  2. "Little Guy Unplugged" [All Night Long Mix] (9:32)
  3. "Little Guy Unplugged" [Karaoke] (13:57)
  4. "Scatman (Ski Ba Dop Ba Dop Bop)" [Extended Radio] (11:11)
  5. "Greeny Phatom Theme" [Extended version] (12:04)


  • Keyboard: David Timsit
  • Synthesizer: Abdul Stainton
  • Electric guitar: Scott Pickleon
  • Keyboard: Jack Williams
  • Chorus: Crystal Stainton, Georgia Denney, Nancy Lenihan
  • Produced by Robert Stainton
  • Recorded by Scott Pickleon
  • Mixed by Duncan Reid
  • Cover design by Robert Stainton