The following is a transcript for Little Guy and The Mystery to New York. Words marked with a * means that the part was replaced with something else. Only available in the Greeny Phatom DVD Pack. It can be accessable on disc 12, pressing "Revised Movie", and pressing Play.

Chapter 1: IntroEdit

[Shows Sony Wonder logo]

[Shows Twentieth Century Fox logo]

TEXT: Sony Wonder and Twentieth Century Fox presents

[Black screen. A CRT video screen turns on]

[a VHS labeled "AFTER GPTM" is inserted]


LITTLE GUY: [puts batteries on the Toy] I think its done. Now, time to turn it on. [turns the Toy on] [out comes a Little Guy doing the chicken dance]

DR. BEANSON: Wow, that's sick!

LITTLE GUY: Yes, it is. [a huge shadow appears] Huh? What's going on?

[A huge hand comes in and scoops...]


[film logo forms from TV]

Chapter 2: Dr's House/The Great DiscoveryEdit

[fade to Dr.'s House. Jungle Boogie plays, and the Greeny Phatom characters come in]

LITTLE GUY: What's going on here?

DR.: Somebody stole my Russian songs, so I'm stuck with this. [Jungle Boogie] I took DJ lessons, so... [looks for another CD] where is it... [takes out Walkin' in the Sun] Here it is. [inserts CD]

[song plays for 10 seconds]

LITTLE GUY: Alien Guy? [takes out disc and smashes it]

DR.: Hey, I won that during the Anti Gree--

LITTLE GUY: You remember that time when I killed a Gree G. creation?!

DR.: So?

[disc pieces fall onto ground]

DR.: Grr!

[label says "Foosch Yo Mung"]

DR. BEANSON: "Foosch Yo Mung?" *

[later, they are seen walking inside a cave, following a series of dots]

[later, they see a Qujia board]

LITTLE GUY: Let me see... Hmm, I don't know how to use this thing.

DR. BEANSON: Just call Monty Python! [he does]

MONTY PYTHON: [zips in] Anybody called me?

DR. BEANSON: Yes. We need help with this board.

MONTY PYTHON: Oh, yes I can do that! [it works]

[flashes occur, and papers rise]

DR. BEANSON: That was not fact, nor fiction.

LITTLE GUY: Let's read it!

[they read the papers]

Chapter 3: Gree Guy ComingEdit

[3 hours later...]


LITTLE GUY: ...then... Gree Thy Name Is Not Pure. Wait, "Gree Thy Name Is Not Pure"?

[cut to the Simpsons' house. Gree Guy teleports in]

GREE GUY: Hey, Greenies, I'm back! But wait, this isn't the correct place to find them... oh well. [tries to open door] Argh. [melts door with Scan Passer 9000]


BART: Lisa, it's not me, it's just that... [sees door melted] SOMEONE IS INSIDE THE HOUSE!!

LISA: Oh no!

HOMER: Wha? [gets taken away] Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!

[Gree Guy takes SC9000]

GREE GUY: Mission complete. [teleports]

Chapter 4: New York BattleEdit

[cut to New York. Gree Guy falls, hitting himself on a road. Homer lands on him and the SC9000 lands on him, too. The Greenytoons characters land on him too. More characters (including BFDI and II) fall in]

GREE GUY: Ow!! [gets up, runs away]

LITTLE GUY: After him! He's running away! [takes out GPS] I found him! He's inside "TDK Electronica".

[they enter]

LITTLE GUY: Got ya! [aims gun] Let go of him!

GREE GUY: No. [fires handgun everywhere, takes remote]

COINY: Retreat!!

LITTLE GUY: Fine, Coiny.

Chapter 5: The BattleEdit

PIN: Everyone take out your weapons!

[they do]

GREE GUY: It's 100+ against 1. Don't worry, my troops will rise to HUNDREDS! [takes out Battle Droid spawner] Now, it's 100+... against 20000.

[Battle Droids come out]

GREE GUY: Get ready to be OBLITERATED! [fires handgun] WAKE UP, SANTED SAILOR!

SANTED SAILOR: ...zzz...dream isl...huh? No. [goes back to sleep]*

GREE GUY: Ugh. [fires handgun]*


SPONGY: Got it!

[meanwhile, in London]

GREE GUY 2: My master is going to like this. [puts chip on Big Ben]

[the Big Ben flies]

[back in TDK Electronica]

GREE GUY: Retreat!

[they do]

BART: Dad! You're okay!

HOMER: Me too.

Chapter 6: Big Ben FallsEdit

[outside shop]


LITTLE GUY: Oh, no. [coming closer] RUN!!

[they all run. Big Ben gets smashed]

[cut to newsroom]

REPORTER: London's greatest landmark, Big Ben, crashed into New York today. Londoners are really not happy here, so here's the question: who did it?

[Newspaper spins in, with title "BIG BEN DESTROYED"]

LITTLE GUY: Gotta run as fast... [finds garden] Good. [sits down, eats his snack]

[Wario sneaks in, spies on him]

Chapter 7: The FightEdit

LITTLE GUY: Who's there?

WARIO: Die! !* [begins fighting]

GEO GUY: So I see you're fighting.

[3 minutes later]

WARIO: Die! [poisons Little Guy]

Little Guy: Argh!

Geo Guy: Oh no! What happened?

Little Guy: I am sick. I got Gree Fever.

Geo Guy: Wario is* working with Gree Guy?

Little Guy: Yes.

[Geo Guy fights Wario. Wario dies]

Geo Guy: That's what he thought.

Chapter 8: The Quest for Mario's GameEdit

[cut to GameStop]

Mario: Let's-a see... [New Super Mario Bros.]

Bowser: Mwahaha, the game reviews said this game is awesome! [Bowser's Workshop 360]

[Mario appears behind him. Bowser kicks Mario out of GameStop]

Bowser: Give me that! [puts game back, makes door unopenable] "BOWSER ONLY." Good!

[Mario appears from tube, buys game]

[at his home]

Mario: Let's-a see: [empty] What?? Manual? Grr!! [rage quit] ME GOTTA FIND CATRIDGE!!

Chapter 9: The Chase/GlitchrioEdit

[in 1-2-3 GP]

Bart: Wow. Toys 4* Us? Ooh! "Dr. Beanson's Pastry" [runs over]

Dr. Beanson: Sorry, you cannot eat food. [Bart strikes him] Grr! [drives away]

Bart: Gotta find... THIS CAR! [gets in and drives away]

Car driver: Hey!

[catches up to Dr. Beanson's truck, then jumps onto it]

Dr. Beanson: No way. [kicks Bart, who gets squished by a ton if cars]

[a surgery truck comes in and picks him up]

[cut to Little Guy's house]

Text: LITTLE GUY'S HOUSE - 12:01am

[Little Guy sleeps, then his TV turns on]

TV: Raar!

[Little Guy wakes up. The TV, now known as Glitchrio, orders Little Guy to...]


[Little Guy screams as Glitchrio comes closer to him. Cut to black...]

Chapter 10: A DreamEdit

[cut to garden. Little Guy wakes up]

Little Guy: Aah!

[Coiny walks up]

Coiny: Hey, Little Guy, I heard you screaming. Is there something wrong?

Little Guy: Well, the TV started up itself, and called itself Glitchrio.

Coiny: And?

Little Guy: He took over ME!

Coiny: Oh, that's TERRIBLE! Oh, and yes, I saw Mario chasing Bowser.

[off screen, Mario yells "GIVE ME THE GAME!"]

Little Guy:

Chapter 11: Mario and Bowser's Final BattleEdit

[Mario finally caught up to Bowser]

Mario: This ends here!

Bowser: Well, I was about to hack your game to replace the player into ME!

Mario: No! [fights Bowser]

[5 minutes later...]

Bowser: This isn't over... [dies]

[Mario takes the game]

[Mario's house]

[Mario tests the game]

Mario: I like this game!

Chapter 12: Coffee Bar Assault/Dream Logo LandEdit

[cut to Bart and Little Guy in front of a coffee bar]

Bart: Ow... still hurts... I need to get food.

Little Guy: Me too.

[goes inside]

[Little Guy finds Dr. PBS without a mustache]

Little Guy: ...Dr. PBS?

Dr. PBS: The pigs cutted my mustache. [Little Guy and Bart order coffee] The pigs shaved it off.

[Little Guy and Bart wait for their coffee]

[suddenly, birds come in. A gunshot is heard, and the birds are dead. The shooter, Kenneth, reveals himself]

Kenneth: Anybody want to die?

[everyone evacuates]

Little Guy: Not me. [fires gun]

Bart: Distract him! I will run.


[in Dream Logo Land]


[Gree Guy teleports next to the Carlco logos]

Gree Guy: Time to rock. [puts big "2000"]

[takes out battle droid spawner]

B1: Invade dream logos. Put everything into "Gree Guy rocks!" except for Carlco ones.

[they do]

Chapter 14: The VolcanoEdit

[Bart and his mom is exploring a volcano]

Marge: Watch out.

[portal leading to dream logo land appears]

[Gree Guy's hand appears and grabs Nicole. Gree Guy appears]

Gree Guy: Goodbye.

[drags Marge into volcano lava]

Marge: Goodbye, Bart. Please win this for me. PLEASE! [falls in lava]

[Bart takes out gun, aims at Gree Guy. Gree disappears]

[Bart cries]

[Kenneth appears]

Kenneth: You're mine. [kidnapps Bart]

Chapter 15: The PlanEdit


King Pig: Even though I stole the birds' eggs, I hereby declare that a plan is in motion. Gree Guy is trying to rule the world. We need IDEAS! PLOTS! WEAPONS! And we need it now! [applause]

[plan: "Get weapons first, then buy props for war and kill Gree Guy."]

[alarm sounds]

King Pig: Come on, let's roll!

[they do]


[they see Kenneth kidnapping Bart and Mikey]

Kenneth: ...and you too.

Chapter 16: Gree Guy's CastleEdit

[Little Guy stands next to the castle]

Little Guy: It's time. [prepares weapon, storms castle]

Text: 1 hour and 49 seconds of travelling later...

[Little Guy finally reached to Gree Guy's room]


Little Guy: Ha! Found you!

[Gree Guy fights Little Guy and rants]

Little Guy: Escape! [uses magic key]

[Bart and Mikey escape the castle]

[Little Guy throws grenade at castle, and the castle collapses]

Chapter 17: Pixar Lamp Saves The Day/Mikey in Big BenEdit

[back at the volcano, Pixar Lamp sees the portal to Dream Logo Land]

Pixar Lamp: It's time. [jumps in]

[Pixar Lamp sees the Carlco logos, then finds hammer]

Pixar Lamp: Time to wreck those logos. [he does]

[Pixar Lamp teleports back to Earth]

[back at King Pig's lair, Mikey is saved by Small Pig]

[in the fallen Big Ben, Mikey was waken up, sees Homsar behind him]

Mikey: Homsar, we need help. Gree Guy seems to rule New York, and is turning it into New 1-2-3 Gree City.

[Homsar starts singing a song from The Three Mouseketeers]

[Homsar disappears]


[Mikey falls into the void, known as the Final Dimension]

Chapter 18: The Final DimensionEdit

[Mikey finds himself in the Final Dimension]

Mikey: Where am I? [King Pig appears] King Pig?

King Pig: Gree Guy seems to have ruling New York, and is turning it into New 1-2-3 Gree City! I have weapons to stop him from ruling it. Let's roll!

Chapter 19: BeadonEdit

[in Minimal Rock...]

[a robed human appears]

Beadon: I, Beadon, am the supreme warrior of all history!

[Pixar starts firing shots at Beadon]

Beadon: No! [takes out Vector Sword, duels Pixar]

[Pixar seems to be getting the upper hand, where he fires more shots at Beadon. Beadon disappears, now there's a soul flying up]

Chapter 20: Final Boss Man RevealedEdit

[Mikey sneaks under Big Ben, revealing that Gree Guy is breaking the clock. Gree Guy runs away, and another robed human appears]

Final Boss Man: I, Final Boss Man, will rule this world with Gree Guy and his evil allies, HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!!!

[duels Mikey. After that, he runs into the Final Boss Castle]

Chapter 21: Final Boss CastleEdit

[pan across the stormy look of the Final Boss Castle. We cut to the inside, and in one of the corridors]

Joey: Take this! [bangs chair at Dr. Protodisco, who fights back]

Dr. Protodisco: No... [Joey inserts boomstick into Dr. Protodisco's leg and chest, thus damaging them badly] No... [Joey then finishes him off by inserting his gun into his chest...] NO! ...[and firing, thus blowing his head off. Joey then throws Dr. Protodisco to the ground*]