Raiboes "Rainbow Geo Guy" Pickle Conner, better known as Rainbow Geo Guy, is a idiotic character and the rainbowest of the Geo's World characters. He loves pancakes, butter, rainbows, and everything silly and stupid. He works at Little Guy's mansion.

He appeared in Greeny Phatom The Movie, The Greeny Phatom Superstar Show, and some episodes of Greeny Phatom.

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How his day goesEdit

File:Rainbow Geo Guy.png
  1. Waking up (In his bedroom, which is a land full of rainbows, and his bed is ton of stop signs, pillows, and blankets)
  2. Going through his hallway, which is a bathroom.
  3. Going to the bathroom (which is a land full of rainbows. His bathtub is a giant Little Guy-shaped pool filled with Mr. Bubble. His toilet is the Flush of Shame.)
  4. Going down his stairs, which is a water slide.
  5. Going to his kitchen, which is a poorly-drawn kitchen.
  6. Eating PANCAKEZ!
  7. Getting out of his house, which is a Klasky Csupo robot.
  8. Getting into his car, which is a giant pickle on training wheels.
  9. Heading to Little Guy's house (Smoothie King, Rainbow Geo Guy's favorite restaurant chain, opened a branch in the dining room)
  10. First order of business, working at Smoothie KIng.
  11. Go home.
  12. Get upstairs.
  13. Get in bed.
  14. Go to bed.