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Season 1 is the first season of Greeny Phatom. It lasted from August 13, 1995 to September 13, 1995. It was later released on DVD in 2002. 
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Episode GuideEdit

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1 1 "Pilot" August 13, 1995 G0G01 Green Bob makes fun of Dr. Beanson, calling him a mean enemy, which causes Dr. Beanson to be mad at him and starts to attack him.

(Segments featured in this episode: Sing Along Songs with Doctor)

2 2 "Reading Windows Errors" August 16, 1995 G0G02 Little Guy reads Windows errors on his computer, all is quiet until Little Guy 3 comes in and wrecks havoc.
3 3 "Reading Extreme CLG Signs" August 18, 1995 G0G03 Beanson is reading CLG signs. When he red the Banana in Pajamas sign, he got the Banana in Pajamas virus, and it exploded (Just like the last episode). Little Guy 7 came in and red CLG signs. Chicken Man intervenes while Little Guy 7 red the Madman sign. Little Guy 7 shot Chicken Man, to avoid being attacked. Later, Beanson red CLG signs. After he red the "A World Wide Picture" sign, he got a Bamse virus, and it exploded again.
4 4 "Sergente Beanson and the Gang" August 23, 1995 G0G04 Sergente Beanson is having a talk with Bob Beanson. He planed to attack the Little Guy Clones so they can come to their household, and distribute their presentations. Bob Beanson talked to Sergente Beanson why he speaks German. The Chicken Man broke into Garry's Father's household. Garry's father saw the Chicken Man, which then he got attacked by the Chicken Man. The sequence "Robert Stainton draws the cast" is shown. Beanson wears a Chicken Man costume to scram the Chicken Man away.
5 5 "Little Guy's D.O.L Weapon" August 25, 1995 G0G05 While Little Guy is sleeping, Dr. is playing music to make him go to sleep. Little Guy wakes up and finds where the sound is coming from. When Little Guy found where the voice is coming from, he has a talk with Dr., saying he wants the music to be turned off. Little Guy shoots Dr. with his D.O.L weapon and went back to sleep. Little Guy heard the music again from Dr., so he came in, and try to shoot Dr.. However, the lightning caused the radio to shut off. Little Guy wents back to sleep again.
6 6 "Wanted: The Great Drink Thief" August 30, 1995 G0G06 It starts off when Dr. saw a Coke Cola. He decide to steal it and drink it. Dr. soon steal more drinks. Little Guy and the clones found out who is the Great Drink Thief, so they chased Dr.. Little Guy 3 found where Dr. is and what he did. Dr. drank 100 Coke Colas, mentioned by Little Guy 3. Dr. sings a Russian song, which ticks Little Guy off. Little Guy then shoots Dr. for singing the song.
7 7 "The Return of Little Guy Insanity" September 1, 1995 G0G07 Little Guy and the clones are doing Little Guy Insanity stuff. Until Beanson and Bob Beanson intervene Little Guy Insanity. They destroyed Little Guy Insanity because Beanson and Bob Beanson hates Little Guy and his clones. Little Guy and the clones were soon wounded from the intervention. The 2 villains laughed from destroying Little Guy Insanity.
8 8 "The Cure of Santed Sailor" September 6, 1995 G0G08 Santed Sailor soon shows up doing his own things, until he saw the Beansons. Sing Along Songs with Doctor returned, starring Dr. (Like most episodes) did. After the sequence, Santed Sailor installs Windows 2000. Beanson threw a tantrum, which transmit the giant tadpole eating Beanson. Bob Beanson hoped to get revenge, but Pube Beanson threw Santed Sailor into the giant tadpole.
9 9 "Pube Beanson goes to Showbiz Pizza Place" September 13, 1995 G0G09 The Beansons had a talk with Dr. Beanson, what they are going to do at Showbiz Pizza Place. Dr. Beanson mentioned that the PBS Kids shows are from Youtube. The Beansons hated the establishment about the PBS Kids shows. Sing Along Songs with Doctor returned, but Gangster Sailor intervene Dr.'s performance. This caused Dr. to stop singing sing then. Beanson and the gang were playing at Showbiz Pizza Place. But when Little Guy show up, he pushed Dr. Beanson for showing up with the Beansons. Uncommonly, Bob Beanson was giant and picked up Little Guy. Bob Beanson soon explodes while he was speaking.