A 22nd season of Greeny Phatom was announced, and confirmed, during GreenyCon 2014, to celebrate the show's 20th anniversary. It aired on January 4, 2015 with a special cinema showing. The first episode is a 2-hour special. There's also a new production code pattern. It goes like this:

GP(season)(episode number)


GP2201 (Return to 123 Greeny Phatom)

The season is produced by Keegan Ltd., Former Mock Reviewers for Hire Productions, Sony Wonder and 20th Century Fox Television. New episodes are being aired in The Greeny Channel and Fox. New episodes are also being syndicated in selected Fox stations, like for example, FOX 32/WFLD-TV Chicago. This season includes BFDI and II characters.[1] In Canada, the show airs in TGC Canada , Global Television Network.and English and Francophone Teletoon and CBC networks. Worldwide, the show airs on the The Greeny Channel Rainbow Satellite and many more. The show was added to Fox's Sunday Funday primetime block on Sunday, January 23, 2015. The series was officially renewed[2] for three more seasons on January 15, 2015. The show airs after The Simpsons.[3]


# in
# in
Plot/Synopsis Nielsen rating TV rating TV Guide synopsis Notes
198 1 "Return to 123 Greeny Phatom" Aired January 4, 2015 GP2201 Little Guy comes back to see 123 Greeny Phatom in a dipilated state, and rebuilds it. 202.14 million (record high for Greeny Phatom, last record high is the TV showing of the movie) (domestic)
435.31 million (worldwide)
637.45 million (total)
$5200 million (theaters)
(added up) 5387.45
PG (MPAA rating and Canadian TV Rating)
WELCOME BACK TO 123 GREENY PHATOM! Greeny Phatom is back for a 22nd season, and it's SUPERCHARGED! Rebuilding 123 Greeny Phatom is hard, even with everyone helping. And Leafy (Michael Huang) helps. Guest starring Michael Huang as Leafy. First appearance of Leafy.
199 2 "Reading Windows Errors 2: More Errors" Aired January 12, 2015 GP2202 As the title says, Little Guy reads more errors. 184.25 million TV-PG-DV

PG (Canada)

Can't get enough of more Greeny Phatom?
NEW EPISODE! Little Guy (AT&T Mike), well, reads more errors.
The TV Guide synopsis forgot to add in "Meanwhile, the Chicken Man returns."
"Greeny Phatom Crystal"
"Reading CLG Signs III"
Aired January 19, 2015 GP2203
GOGX56 (season 21 production code)
Little Guy and Dr. Beanson visit Tokyo, and they meet the Sailor Senshi 200th episode
Little Guy and Leafy read CLG signs
203.24 million
213.49 million
PG (Canada)
200th Episode! Celebrate 200 episodes with 2 NEW EPISODES! First, Little Guy and Dr. Beanson visit Tokyo, and they meet the Sailor Senshi. Then, Little Guy (AT&T Mike) and Leafy (Michael Huang) read CLG signs. Meanwhile, Dr. Beanson gets infected with the CLG Virus. Double-episode.
201 4 "Santed Sailor's Revenge" Aired January 25, 2015 GP2204
Santed Sailor gets revenge at Little Guy, LOL Guy and Coiny.[4] (Continuation of Greeny LOL The Movie 2) Test preview
19 million TV airing
300.14 million record

PG (Canada)

Coming soon
Coming soon... In the Greeny LOL universe, Santed Sailor (Robert Stainton) looks out for revenge on the three people that killed him...
The Empire Santed Sailor Strikes Back! Coiny: No One sacrifice, one victory. Greeny LOL Season 3 Premiere! After the events of Greeny LOL The Movie 2, Santed Sailor (Robert Stainton) gets revenge on the Rebels Little Guy (AT&T Mike), LOL Guy (Speakonia #2) and Coiny (Cary Huang).
Takes place in the Greeny LOL universe.
202 5 "Little Guy's D.O.A Weapon" Aired Feburary 1, 2015 GP2205 TV-PG-V
PG (Canada)
142.55 million Originally Little Guy's D.O.L Weapon 2, changed to Little Guy's D.O.A Weapon (D.O.A = dead or alive)[4] "Little Guy (AT&T Mike) invents a weapon that makes people die upon recovery."
203 6 "Revenge is Coming"
"Little Guy's Hellish Journey"
Aired Feburary 1, 2015 GP2301 TV-14-LV[5]
TV-PG-LV cut[6]
14+ (Canada)

PG (cut, Canada)

243.42 million Santed Sailor gets revenge, this time even worse. Was inserted in[7] Santed Sailor gets revenge, this time even worse... Prepare for more action in this action-packed episode! Is the first episode rated TV-14.
204 7 "The Great Drink Thief Is Back" Aired Feburary 8, 2015 GP2206 TV-PG-V

PG (Canada)

133.49 million[8]
232.43 million rerun[9]
The Great Drink Thief is back, and ready to steal more drinks.[5] Relieve the good old days, where the Little Guy clones chase Dr.!
206.5 7.5 "Little Guy Insanity Madness!" Feburary 15, 2015 GP2207 Mini-episode[7]
205 8 "The Rehash of Little Guy Insanity" Feburary 15, 2015 GP2207 Originally The Re-Return of Little Guy Insanity, changed to The Rehash of Little Guy Insanity
206 9 "Santed Sailor: Back in Action" Feburary 22, 2015 GP2208 A staggering defeat means that Santed Sailor can't come back...
207 10 "Revisiting the Movie" March 1, 2015 GP2209 Basically the movie, but with extra scenes added in. Was almost canceled.[10]
208 11 "The RePilot" March 8, 2015 GP2210 A rehash of the Pilot.
209 12 "Recission" March 15, 2015 GP2211 coming soon
210 13 "So At Stake" March 22, 2015 GP2212 E! News said that information about this episode was leaked[11], confirming an appearance of a Cake at Stake gag.
211 14 "Little Guy Uses Windows 95 4: How Many Can He Do?" March 29, 2015 GP2214 coming soon
212 15 "Little Guy Uses Windows 8: The Upgrade" March 29, 2015 GP2213 coming soon
213 16 "Little Guy Uses Windows 7" April 5, 2015 GP2215 coming soon
214 17 "Little Guy Celebrates the 20th Anniversary" (Part 1) April 16, 2015 (Part 2) August 13, 2015 GP2217 coming soon
215 18 "The Greeny Horror Picture Show" April 20th, 2015 GP2219 Basically The Rocky Horror Picture Show, but with audience participation from the Greeny Phatom characters. This episode will be exclusive to The Greeny Adult Channel.[4] Was almost canceled[10]
216 19 "The Ghost of Green Bob's Peak" April 26, 2015 GP2222 Little Guy and friends find a ghost at Green Bob's Peak, but the ghost likes music.
217 20 "Karate Liguen" May 3, 2015 GP2224 King Liguen goes under the alias "Karate Liguen" to battle with Misaki Guy (Stink Guy's alias).
218 21 "Greeny Wars" May 4, 2015 GP2225 Greeny Phatom goes Star Wars.
219 22 One Sweet Special Crossover May 10, 2015 GP2226 A Greeny Phatom and BFDI and II crossover.
220 23 The Aftermath of Santed Sailor and Jtmurd May 17, 2015 GP2231 Set in the Tj's World universe, the episode will have Little Guy and friends battle Santed Sailor and Jtmurd. Mini-episode[7]
221 23 The Glistening May 19, 2015 (at 10:00/9:00c because of Celebration Anaheim footage playing, and the TV broadcast of Revenge of the Sith<refname =gguide/>) GP2227 TBA
222 24 Don't Pierce My Flesh May 25, 2015 GP2228 TBA
223 25 Battle for Dream Island (episode) June 7, 2015 GP2220 Greeny Phatom's take on Battle for Dream Island.
224 26 The Reveal June 14, 2015 GP2229 "A recommended character will join the cast," commented the director of the current season.
225 27 Take 13 June 21, 2015 GP2232 TBA (title was originally "More Video Clips!")
226 28 The Return of the Evil Fathers TBA GP2233 The Evil Fathers have returned, and Little Guy and his clones must stop them!
227 29 A Trip to the Arcade TBA GP2231 Was confirmed, and was put in
228 30 Astro Greeny TBA GP2302 Was confirmed, and was put in[7]


4 episodes are based off BFDI episode names.


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